About me

Art was one of the few subjects that I actually liked at school, but then I left and completely forgot all about it until my early forties, when, with my children grown and some spare time on my hands, I bought myself a watercolour set and started to paint landscapes as a little hobby. It was great and I really enjoyed it. I`d found that spark again, but it took several more years to discover the `fire` in me !
A friend offered me some pastels to try and I spent many hours trying to work out how to use them. I persevered, reading books, practicing techniques and using different types of pastel papers. It was a struggle though and I was never particularly happy with the results of my pastel landscapes or seascapes. And then one day, for some reason, I chose an animal as a subject. This was a whole new ball game and I had to start from scratch, spending hours and hours learning new techniques for painting animals. I have always been an animal lover though so maybe that`s what spurred me on. The eyes fascinated me and I loved seeing them looking back at me, so I started putting them in first to feed my enthusiasm. Another long journey entailed but my passion to re-create animals on paper had been born...that was a few years ago now, around 2014, and things just get better and better as I progress further into painting more and more of these beautiful creatures.....it`s what keeps me sane in this mad, mad world !